The world around you is not what it seems.

New portals:
More than 10,000 Lawson Stores in Japan

Ingress, the mobile real-world adventure game
developed and operated
by Google’s Niantic Labs
"Ingress", an role playing GPS-dependent game presented by Google, newly collaborates with "Lawson", covenience stores in Japan, for the first time. New portals are created on more than 10,000 Lawson Stores, so you can find portals easier all over in Japan, having "Onigiri" or drinks during your portal walks. Happy hunting. Collaboration events between "Ingress" and "Lawson" will be held countinuously. Happy hunting!

StoryA grand story around "Exotic Matter"

Earth has been seeded with “Exotic Matter,”or XM, associated with the Shapers, a mysterious phenomenon or alien race which is neither described nor seen. The in-universe motivation for the Enlightened faction is their belief that the Shapers are working toward a powerful enlightenment which will uplift all mankind.

“Ingress It’s Time to Move”

What's Ingress?a global encampment game
linked with the real world landscape

As Portal scanning technology was leaked, it was transformed into a game in mobile phones and uploaded to Google Play.Your mission is to defend the human race from a malevolent unknown energy or, depending on your perspective, to assist in an enlightenment of mankind by harnessing this energy.

“Playing Ingress”

This is accomplished by aligning with either the Resistance or the Enlightened faction. You will strive to discover Portals at places of public art, landmarks, cenotaphs, etc... , and link them to create Control Fields over geographic areas to influence the population within.

They fight believing their actions will uplift humanity,
and bring about the next chapter in human evolution.
They fight believing the Shaper ingression must be stopped,
and Earth's future depends on their actions.

How to playDownload the mobile app

Search “Ingress” and Download the mobile app on the App Store or Google play.

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“Ingress - It’s Time to Move”

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